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How much do you charge?
Overall, it depends on a lot of things. Average price for a photoshoot is around 50$ and 500$ for one day of wedding. That being said, I am still building my portfolio, so send me a message and let's talk in details about what kind of photos you are looking for. I am sure we can make it work.
How many pictures do we get?
I don't have any limits on the number of photos I'd be giving you. On average, a 1-2 hour photoshoot results in around 20-30 fully edited photos. One day of wedding usually comes up to about 400-500 pictures. But again, it's very dependent on a lot of things.
Do you edit your photos?
Pretty much every photo will be edited in one way or another. I usually select 40-50 pictures or so for more in depth editing, to make sure those pictures are perfect.
When are we going to get the photos?
Usually it takes me a week or so to edit a small photoshoot. A full day of wedding would require a minimum of 4 weeks of processing.
What equipment do you use?
I am using a full-frame professional Sony camera and Zeiss lenses. That combination is pretty much unmatched when it comes to camera\lens quality.